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Ball of the Black Sea

20 February 2021, Sat. 12:00
from 3.46 EUR

About event

In one kingdom, the King organizes the Black Sea Ball - the coolest ball of the year!

Of course, for such an occasion, the Princess needs a special dress. Quite special, unique and beautiful!
And it doesn't matter that she has an entire dressing room halfway up the palace with elegant dresses. She needs something new, period!

But it turns out that sea and forest inhabitants settled in the palace dressing room, because in pursuit of new dresses, the King cut down the forest and dumps the kingdom's waste into the sea.

Will marine and forest dwellers, united, with ingenuity and courage, restore the ecosystem? Can you make an extraordinary dress out of garbage? And where does the Prince, who dreams of plastic? And why is garbage a valuable resource?

Young viewers and their parents will find answers to all these questions together with the heroes of the fascinating performance "The Ball of the Black Sea" based on the play by the Odessa playwright Oksana Maslova .