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21 November 2021, Sun. 20:00
from 6.92 EUR

About event

Catnapp in Odesa! On July 16, 2021 at 8 pm, in the Odesa night club True Man Hot Boat, electro-punk artist Catnapp will play her sets.

Why should you go to a Catnapp concert in Odesa?

  1. Get inspired by a first-class futuristic electro-sound straight from Berlin;
  2. Experience the deep and real emotions behind, at first glance, evil and remote digital sets;
  3. Visit the reference event of the underground and innovative post-rap scene.

Concert of electronic singer Catnapp in Odesa on July 16

Electronic artist Catnapp is a singer, producer and performer who was born in Argentina and has been making a music career in Berlin for the last three years.
4 tracks from the album Break became the soundtrack of the series Unorthodox on Netflix, and Catnapp herself appeared there in a cameo role - so she gained popularity.
The musician is constantly experimenting with styles and genres, but her work is mostly attributed to electro-punk and alternative varieties of hip-hop.

She has collaborated with such artists as Maya Jane Coles, South Rakas, Modeselektor.

Performance of electro-punk artist Catnapp in Odesa

Super-urban Catnapp makes real innovative music 'from the future', which, obviously, in the coming years will become a benchmark for young composers of modern times. She now has 50,000 followers on Spotify, and not all critics understand how to treat the marginal aesthetics of her album covers and video visuals.

Swinging between R&B, drum and bass, synth-wave, pop and electro-punk, experimenting with vocal expression and combining bold intonations with no emotion, Catnapp gradually minted his own style. The unique atmosphere of Catnapp sets has already brought her considerable popularity in Europe and at home. It remains to be seen how far it will go in its original search.

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