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Black square "Queen cannot be released"

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16 October 2021, Sat. 19:00
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Black square "The Queen can not be released" in Odesa! On October 16, the Black Square Theater will present a comedy play "The Queen Can't Be Dismissed" at the Ukrainian Theater in Odesa.

Why go to the play "The Queen can not be released" in Odesa?

  1. Brilliant and non-trivial about feelings in the workplace.
  2. An exquisite tandem of drama and humor.
  3. Unsurpassed actors in vivid images.

Black Square Theater with the play "The Queen Can't Be Dismissed" in Odesa

Come to the Ukrainian Theater on October 16 for a brilliant performance of the Black Square Theater "The Queen Can't Be Dismissed"! The theme of office novels, which is not indifferent to everyone, will be revealed in all possible angles, be sure: "Cheka" is able to surprise and give unforgettable impressions. So for a great deal of humor, an interesting plot and an unexpected ending - all to the theater!

Tickets are already on sale.

Intimate and personal at the intersection with office life: on the stage of the Ukrainian Theater - "Black Square" with the work "The Queen can not be released"

It so happens that many of us see our colleagues more and more often than family members. And it happens that relationships in the workplace become more important and stronger for a person…

And then suddenly - love, and he or she - have a wife / husband. And want, and prick…

And as if the mind says "stop!", And the heart resists and drives after feelings and emotions.

Office life in all its possible manifestations, passionate office novels - all this in the enchanting performance "Black Square"! Don't miss it.

Cast: Anatoly Neyolov, Polina Golovanova.

Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the play "The Queen can not be released" in Odesa?

You can buy tickets for the performance "The Queen cannot be released" in Odesa on the website Ukrticket.com.ua.