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Mr. Good

24 November 2020, Tue. 19:00
from 9.69 EUR

About event

Event rescheduled from 04/05 to 11/24! Tickets remain valid!


“We wish you a little patience in repudiation. It’s a pity that I’ve got a quarantine and a quarantine from the outside for such a force majeure event (https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/530-20), as well as a separate part of article 1 of Article 617 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (https://zakon.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/435-15), receipts for transferring an hour and a half to the quarantine do not turn on the clock again. All receipts are new Dati.

At vipadu skasuvannya at the entrance of the ticket p_dlyagayut turn at the instances of the organizer termіn. We are in great control of the management of artists, airline companies, travel agents, hotel guests, concert maidanchiks and their counterparties. Mi namagaєmosya vmatriati industry "afloat", mayu cope with the unaccomplished force majeure and shukaєmo compromise. To us, to hurt you so much.

We’d ask you about the issue and the lack of enthusiasm for patient from your side. Yakshcho you want to send to the organizer of special services is washed, be affectionate, get in touch with the phone number: (048) 7723372

Why is it worth going to a concert of the project "Mr. Good"?

1. Get to know the direct heir to the “Citizen of a Poet”
2. From classic skits to ditties, fables, songs and chanson.
3. A completely NEW program.

The project "Mr. Good" on November 24 with a new program at the Odessa Musical Comedy Theater!

The project “Mr. Good” is the direct successor to “Citizen of a Poet”, born in 2011 and gaining truly popular popularity.

A completely new program at the time of the Ukrainian tour dedicated to the day of laughter and fool is a kind of press conference, the answers of “Mr. Good” to current issues of the day.

Naturally, by the arrival of “Mr. Good” life will throw to the author a lot of new relevant topics. The genre "news", which "Mr. Good", as well as "Citizen Poet", is not changed from birth, obliges them to update the program of each concert in accordance with the most unpleasant news of our time.