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Carmen TV

15 December 2020, Tue. 19:00
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About event

Ballet “Carmen. TV "in Odessa. December 15 at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater - a modern production of Radu Poklitaru “Carmen. TV "from Kiev Modern Ballet.

Why is it worth going to the ballet “Carmen. TV "in Odessa?

  1. Be aware of the current trends of modern ballet.
  2. Get inspired by the genius of the inimitable Radu Poklitaru.
  3. To reveal harmony in a tandem of modernity and classics.

Ballet Radu Poklitaru “Carmen. TV "in Odessa

On December 15, on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater, Radu Poklitaru's magnificent performance “Carmen. TV "performed by Kiev Modern Ballet. One of the best creative teams of the capital and all of Ukraine will conquer with bright work.

The creators of spectacular scenery and beautiful costumes are the famous theater artists of our time Andrei Zlobin and Anna Ipatieva.

Kiev Modern-Ballet with a bright performance “Carmen. TV "on the stage of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

“Carmen. TV ”is a unique and unexpected production that combines classic and modern. The spirit of Spain of the 19th century and the trends of our days will appear in the most subtle connection. And the magnificent Radu Poklitaru will amaze you with his extraordinary choreography. The choreographer is recognized as one of the most talented on the European stage. The flight of creative imagination and versatility of Radu Poklitaru amazed thousands of ballet fans.

“Carmen. TV "won in 2007 the" Kiev Pectoral "in the nominations" Best Production of the Year "and" Best Choreographer's Work ". The audience of Holland, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Holland enthusiastically accepted the performance.

Where to buy tickets for Kiev Modern Ballet “Carmen. TV "in Odessa?

Issue tickets for Kiev Modern Ballet “Carmen. TV ”at the Opera and Ballet Theater is available online at Ukrticket.com.ua.