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Oath Maidens

19 February 2021, Fri. 19:00
from 3.46 EUR

About event

The play "Maidens of the Oath" in Odessa! We are waiting for you at the Theater of the Young Spectator.

WHY IS IT WORTH ATTENDING The play "Maidens of the Oath"?

1. The statement touches upon important problems of society.
2. Enjoy the wonderful acting.
3. The play is based on a true story.

DRAMA "Maidens of the oath" IN ODESSA

In Albania, there is a custom: if there is no male head in the family, then one girl from the family must become a man and head the clan. A woman takes a man's name, puts on a suit, gets the right to work hard, wear a hat and watch, smoke, participate in meetings.

From the moment of taking the oath, such a virgin is considered a man - with masculine powers and responsibilities. The oath maidens are called so. In the center of the plot is the "uncle" - a tyrant and three women no less crippled by fate.

The current society lives according to modern laws. Do ancient laws have a right to life if their price is the happiness and well-being of women?

Staging 16+

The play is in Russian.