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Club of lonely hearts

28 October 2021, Thu. 19:00
from 1.73 EUR

About event

"Club of Lonely Hearts" is a retro-style tragifar about three completely different, ancient girlfriends who, one after another, prematurely lost their beloved men, with whom they lived almost all their lives.

How to live on, none of them knows, but each presents in its own way.

At first it seems to them that life is over. But widows are full of strength and energy.

They regularly meet for tea and listen to their favorite rock and roll, and then go to the cemetery to talk to their men, trim ivy on their graves, argue about the future and gossip about a friend who has once again gathered down the aisle ...

What surprises await them? Will friends allow themselves to continue to enjoy life and become happy in the end? Is there life after the death of the second half (partner)? Is there a chance for love at this age? How will the fate of each member of the club develop? And where can there be humor here? The answers to all these and other perennial questions in our version of this story!

Written by the popular American playwright and screenwriter (author of the TV series "My Fair Nanny") Ayvon Menchella

Director - Honored Artist of Russia and Ukraine Tatiana Arkushenko
Artist - Olga Gonobolina
Choreographer - Pavel Ivlyushkin

Characters and performers:
Ida - Honored Artist of Ukraine Tatiana Glushchenko
Lucille - People's Artist of Ukraine Olga Ravitskaya
Doris - Honored Artist of Ukraine Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk
Sam - Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavel Shmarev, Serhiy Yary
Mildred - Honored Artist of Ukraine Irina Okhotnichenko

Performance in 2 acts.