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Tangle of fairy tales

16 May 2021, Sun. 12:00
from 3.46 EUR

About event

Do you like fairy tales?

It's great that you love them!

Do you remember the fairy tale "Mitten" - about how the forest animals overwintered a harsh cold winter in a warm mitten, lost in the forest by an old lumberjack? Remember? ..

Do you know what happened to all these forest animals further, when the mitten broke and the poor frozen animals had to scatter again?

Do not know? And we will tell you and show you how the forest animals built a real house - new, spacious, comfortable! And they began to live and live in this new house and make good money. That seems to be all.

But this is a fairy tale! What is a fairy tale without adventures and various twists and turns? Come to our play "Tangle of Kazok" based on Ukrainian folk tales, and we will gladly tell you who is a wolf to whom, and who is a friend to whom.

Come! The Mouse-Shkryabotushka, Zhabka-Tsarevna, Bunny-Pobegaichik, Goat Dereza and many other characters of Ukrainian folk tales are waiting for you to meet, even Pan Kotsky himself will be there. He promised!