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26 March 2021, Fri. 20:00
from 13.84 EUR

About event

Everything that happens in this harsh masculine world is done for women.

Corruption is eternal. She is timeless. Corruption does not claim to be in the mainstream. Corruption is an author song about real life. Blues, bossa nova, romance.

Corruption Group is pleased to present the Cranes album. Ten songs as ten years of life. Different stories ... Love-criminal and socio-political, ironic-sharp and erotic. The heroes of the songs are people from different layers. The rich and domineering "Prosecutor", the inconspicuous "Power Officer", ladies of the heart and seductive strangers; highway robbers, those in power and those in power. A wide section of society under a pleasant motive.

The storyteller is Misha Krupin.

An artist in the right circles is well known. In the shadow of Corruption is Yuri Bardash, the project’s ideologist and longtime fan of a good song.

“The Corruption Group is a men's project. But its essence boils down to one thing - love and women. Women and love, ”says Misha Krupin.

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