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18 May 2022, Wed. 19:00
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About event

KOVACS in Odessa! A concert of the famous soul singer KOVACS will take place on May 18 at the Musical Comedy Theater in Odessa.

Why go to a KOVACS concert in Odessa?

  1. Bright return of a real soul legend.
  2. A new magnetic program that enchants and gives a feeling of happiness.
  3. A long-awaited meeting with the singer, who has already been named the new Billy Holiday.

KOVACS with a big concert in Odessa

A big concert of the famous Dutch singer Sharon Kovaks will take place on May 18 at the Musical Comedy Theater! The legendary singer and her band are preparing an incredible show for all their fans. This will be the "most honest and inspiring event of the last decade"!

Be sure to come and book your tickets today.

Favorite and new songs: a new concert program by Sharon Kovaks at the Musical Comedy Theater

Robbie Williams saw Sharon Covax as the embodiment of Billy Holiday, Amy Winehouse and Beth Gibbons. The world sees the singer as a soul legend, and the number of KOVACS fans is growing uncontrollably. The star's model appearance and her charming vocals form an explosive mixture that can't help but touch the thin strings of the listener's soul.

Already with the first author's track My Love, the band KOVACS became wildly popular on YouTube. And for the album Shades Of Black there is a place in the charts of 36 countries! Not to mention the championship in the singer's homeland.

Now the name of the headliner KOVACS - on the billboards of major music festivals. And every concert of the group arouses sincere admiration of the audience.

Therefore, an exciting show awaits Odessans and guests of the city, the level of drama and enchantment of which is outrageous!

See you.

Where to buy tickets for the KOVACS concert in Odessa?

You will find all tickets for the KOVACS concert in Odessa on the website Ukrticket.com.ua.