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17 September 2021, Fri. 18:30
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About event

Based on Alexander Zinoviev's novel "Go to Golgotha".


1. Get a tremendous emotional and aesthetic charge
2. If it is difficult to surprise you, then this production is for you.
3. See a beautiful, compelling and powerful ballet.

The premiere of the ballet "The Scream" took place in 2014 and became a real event. Production by Andrei Merkuryev, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater, for whom "The Scream" was his debut in a new role as choreographer-director.

The literary basis is the novel "Go to Golgotha" by the outstanding Russian writer Alexander Zinoviev. The author was a talented poet, sociologist, logician and artist. This versatility of his is felt in his vast creative heritage, which will take many more years to comprehend.

"Go to Golgotha" is considered the author's programmatic work, where he sets out his personal philosophy and ethics. This magnificent novel was brilliantly embodied on the stage, retaining its humor, paradox, and profundity. A literary masterpiece turned into a ballet masterpiece. The minimalistic design only emphasizes the depth of the meanings, and the light dance - the skepticism of the content.

Contemporary choreography is brilliantly embodied by the artists. This is a bright and original production that shocks, surprises and can cause catharsis. An event worth visiting!