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Max Korzh

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24 July 2021, Sat. 18:00
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Concert is postponed to 24.07.2021

Tickets are valid for new date. Refund is possible from 6 to 12 July in PERSONAL ACCOUNT.

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Atom Entertainment Group


Max cake

July 25, 2020

Odessa, stadium "Chernomorets"

“We went to the start and not a step back!”: Max Korzh plans to assemble a stadium in Odessa

This feeling that you experienced now called simply - the release of endorphins. Already on July 25, 2020 Max Korzh will sing his hits in Odessa with thousands of fans, implicated in the aesthetics of sleeping areas, vigorous recitative and powerful dance beats. No one doubts that Max will easily assemble the Chernomorets stadium. "Small" not only matured, he became a supernova of a global scale.

Max rarely gives interviews. And why are they, if you can find out all of the songs about this guy. Born in Belarus, studied at the “musician”, expelled from the university, joined the army: biographical milestones not of world celebrity, but of a friend from a neighboring courtyard. You still mentally chant " Everyone wants to know and believe, love to trembling skin ...", right?

The "small" behind him already has five albums, hundreds of concerts, more than 20 videos. His fans collect bass tours and are considered the largest fan community in the post-Soviet space.


Korzh live heard from Kamchatka to Los Angeles. In 2019, he set a new record, collecting 5 stadiums in a row, and sang live with 120 thousand spectators.

Max’s songs are close to everyone who loves to live high and don’t confuse his family with a stranger. His videos reflect all the feelings of a generation that he masterfully melted into words, melodies and pictures.


Concerts of Max Korzh critics called the "energy product." They really carry an incredible emotional charge, and in combination with light, pyrotechnic and smoke special effects, they become a real craziness that infects the whole city.

After all, there are only two types of people: some will go right after the coveted pass, while others will find a way to get to the concert at the very last moment (although it will be very, very difficult). But none of those who visit the stadium "Chernomorets " on July 25 will not regret it.

Max Korzh will perform in Odessa on July 25 at the Chernomorets stadium .

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