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Black square "Male, singular"

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18 September 2021, Sat. 19:00
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About event

Performance "Male gender, singular" in Odessa! The premiere of the comedy "Male Gender, Singular" performed by actors of the Black Square Theater will take place on September 19 at the Ukrainian Theater in Odessa.

Why go to the play "Male, Singular" in Odessa?

  1. The famous metropolitan band with the premiere performance on the Odessa stage.
  2. Exquisite comedy of provisions from unsurpassed actors.
  3. Funny and delicate jokes, as well as a non-trivial plot to the accompaniment of French chanson.

Black Square Theater with the premiere of "Male, Singular" in Odessa

On September 19, the Ukrainian Theater will host a comedy play "Black Square" - "Male gender, singular"! The creators of a brilliant performance guarantee that no spectator will go without a good mood.

We advise you to choose convenient places and order tickets today.

Bright paradoxes and pure truth of life under a humorous sauce: comedy "Male gender, singular" on the stage of the Ukrainian theater

The play "Male Gender, Singular" is based on the play by playwrights Jean-Jacques Bricker and Maurice Laseg. The comedy impresses with apt jokes and exciting acting.

The play vividly depicts the various paradoxes of life on stage. And viewers will be able to learn from the original sources:
  • whether a man can be endowed with maternal feelings;
  • does it happen that a woman finds a real friend in search of a friend;
  • will the maid ever become an adjutant at the Pentagon;
  • whether a deputy can live honestly without forgetting about corruption;
  • can the call of blood be stronger than conscience.
The show will not leave anyone indifferent, because so much laughter, tantrums, tears, blackmail, screams and love just can not help but worry. Jumps from the absurd to joy, outbursts of uncontrolled sexuality - all this will happen. Come on!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Male gender, singular" in Odessa?

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