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Beverly Hills Hotel

27 January 2022, Thu. 19:00
from 7.61 EUR

About event

American comedy based on three novels by Neil Simon - "Beverly Hills Hotel".

A bright, humorous performance about the fate of three married couples at different periods of life. All three couples stayed in Los Angeles in the same room at the Beverly Hills Hotel at the same time. The stories of uneasy relationships between ex-husbands and wives are revealed to the viewer. Every step of these events turns into a farce. The walls of the hotel room witnessed a large number of funny events, and keep secrets that the viewer will get to know during the performance. All these stories are completely different from each other. But they are united by one feeling - love.

A fascinating plot with a galaxy of theater and cinema stars: Ekaterina Kisten, Alexei Bogdanovich, Natalia Vasko, Tatiana Arkushenko.

The stage director and producer is Irina Zilberman, whose performances have been making theatergoers happy for many years and making them think about human values.