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Deribasovskaya ...

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23 January 2022, Sun. 16:00
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About event

Zhvanetsky is a man of the world, and he is in our heart! His thoughts, jokes make us look at the world in which we live with different eyes, understand it, accept it and live with pleasure!

The performance presented by our theater is a bold creative experiment of the composer Vladimir Baskin, librettist Konstantin Rubinsky, stage director Volodymyr Podgorodinsky and the entire staff of the theater. "Deribasovskaya ..." - a musical based on the reflections of M. Zhvanetsky. Nobody has done this before: 20 musical numbers, beautiful "views" of Odessa, the only storyline, which combines the heroes of the famous early stories of our brilliant fellow countryman - a kind of hymn to Odessa and Zhvanetsky, as one of the symbols of our city!

You need to see this with your own eyes in order to say from the audience: "This is, after all, Odessa."

musical in 2 acts based on the reflections of M. Zhvanetsky
Music - V. Baskin
Libretto - K. Rubinsky