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According to family circumstances

10 November 2020, Tue. 19:00
from 6.57 EUR

About event

In the life of the protagonist, a successful neurologist at the great hospital David Mortimer, everything is going well.

In an hour he has to make the most important report in his life, and crucial for his career, at an international medical conference. But then a former mistress, with whom he had not seen for 18 years, "falls" on his head. The woman reports that as a result of a past relationship, she gave birth to a boy, Leslie, who is now in the hospital and is very eager to meet his father. To save his marriage, position and career, the hero is forced to endlessly twist. A cascade of surprises, funny situations, surprises with disguise, bewildered colleagues, wives and mistresses, confused parents. All this in general turns out "According to family circumstances."

The director is Vyacheslav Zhyla, Honored Artist of Ukraine

David Mortimer - Alexander Papusha
Mike Connolly - Alexander Zhyla, Peter Zuzyak
Rosemary Mortimer - Khrystyna Synelnyk, Yulia Gapchuk
Hubert Bonnie - Orest the Shepherd
Kastelyanka - Vitalina Bibliv
Sir William Nelson - Alexei Vertinsky
Jane - Ksenia Vertinskaya, Victoria Mushtey
Leslie - Vladislav Dmitruk
Bill - Vladimir Kokotunov
Sergeant - Ruslan Koval
Nurse - Apollinaria Vasilina, Elena Oleynikova
Mother - Tamara Yatsenko