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doomed to dance

22 October 2021, Fri. 19:00
from 1.73 EUR

About event

Lifelong marathon

The enchanting atmosphere of the world's largest dance marathon with bright light, incendiary music, stunning choreography, brilliant costumes and beautiful people is waiting for you!

Because when there is no light in life and you are racing into the abyss at breakneck speed, then the world's largest dance marathon is designed to give you a holiday in a horrible atmosphere, with a crazy cash prize it seems a real salvation! After all, escaping from the gray routine into crazy fun is a familiar pill that humanity resorts to. And in vain that it is necessary to look bright and beautiful, radiating happiness and success, in vain that it is necessary to dance - passionately and continuously, having a rest no more than 10 minutes. All participants came to win and save their lives.

Such different participants: a young and strong cowboy, a gray and experienced sailor, a pregnant naive woman and a helpless disappointed farmer, a cynical girl with a bitter past and a young hopeless former actress - all of them, like driven horses, "on the last breath" will do everything for of his victory. But will everyone have the strength to reach the finish line? And is there life after a marathon? After all, driven horses are shot - right ?!