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Via Blue Bird

2 October 2022, Sun. 19:00
from 5.19 EUR

About event

Gala concert of the best songs Legendary VIA "Blue Bird" led by Vladimir Blum!
In 1974, brothers Robert and Mikhail Bolotny gathered in Kuibyshev VIA and named the Blue Bird, the ensemble from February 1975 goals began to work.

Vladimir Blum, our compatriot one of the participants and creators of VIA "Blue Bird" with Sergei Drozdov and worked in the place for many years in the team changed the national musical culture which was called VIA "Blue Bird"
And now in your city the band will perform popular songs, in the concert program to the 45th anniversary of the ensemble
"Blue Bird" and the memory of Sergei Drozdov in the ensemble of virtuoso musicians: Vladimir Blum-Transfiguration piano, vocals, soloist. Vasyl Yegorov is a soloist. Ruslan Dribnytsia - bass guitar, backing vocals. Vladislav Demyanko - percussion instruments. Vasyl Lyashenko - guitar, backing vocals.

Many warm memories are connected with the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Blue Bird" in the life of the generation that grew up in the 70-80s. It was then, in those years, that the musicians of the popular band performed their favorite songs. The name VIA "Blue Bird" as a symbol of goodness, love and loyalty came from the famous play by Belgian writer Maurice Maeterlinck and since then the team has been accompanied by good luck.
Songs of the famous vocal-instrumental ensemble VIA "Blue Bird" - real folk hits, which fell in love with more than one generation of listeners. Probably everyone remembers such hits of the past years as "You will not dream of me", "Maple", "Mother's record", "Bitter", "Words", "So what are you", "Steamers go to sea", " I'm going to meet you "," White Ship "," Eighth Wonder of the World "and many others.

Songs for "Blue Bird" were written by young composers and poets who created the repertoire of "Blue Bird": Yuri Antonov, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Sergei Dyachkov, Theodore Yefimov, Yuri Akulov, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Leonid Derbenev and others. The "Blue Bird" CDs sold millions of copies, and the ensemble gathered thousands of stadiums for its concerts.
The concert program on the wings of the Blue Bird will take you dear listener, on a historical journey, love, drive and romance!