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Creative evening of Edgar Vinnitsky

5 December 2020, Sat. 19:00
from 6.92 EUR

About event

It is not the first year that Edgar Vinnitsky has been traveling around cities and giving people peace, harmony and inspiration.

If earlier these were songs, then for the last year and a half he has adorned the silence of the streets with poetry. What is now inevitably becomes in demand. More and more people want to see this magic live and with their own eyes. As the flight of thought scales, so do sites. But Edgar still remains true and sincere and, despite his performance at the Voice of the Country, TedX and the release of the second book, continues to infect people with openness just on the street.

This easy simplicity finds a response in the depths of everyone who encounters his work, and the depth amazes the minds - how at such an age he managed to dive like that. Many authoritative people in the field of art are already predicting a place for him in the ranks of the classics. To the question: "How did you come to all this?", Edgar replies: "I did not go anywhere."

Inspiration is what you feel from being present at his performances. In some unimaginable way, with the help of words and rhymes, he manages to touch the very core of any grain and remove layers that over the years have limited the boundless essence. The author claims that inspiration is our basic state and it just allows it to re-fill all the hearer's channels.

Once at this event, you not only guarantee yourself goosebumps from great performance and unexpected ideas, but also return to your basic settings, in the inspired child mode. This inspiration will become a springboard for new achievements in any area of life.

Before and after the performance, there will also be an opportunity to acquire the author's books with his personal autograph. These books are an unprecedented event in the history of poetry. Before each poem there is a QR code, scanning which the reader hears poetry performed by the author. More info pokolenie.otkritih.com

Edgar is immensely open to his listeners and will find a moment for anyone who wants to. It all starts with inspiration!