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Best songs of VIA Gems

2 April 2020, Thu. 19:00
from 5.19 EUR

About event

VIA "Gems" is one of the most popular groups in the history of all song culture. The creation of this collective in August 1971 ushered in an era of positive and sincere songs. And patriotic songs and songs about love were distinguished by a new sound and instantly found an echo in the hearts of citizens of a huge country.

October 20, 1971 VIA, under the leadership of Yuri Malikov, went on the air with a new name - “Gems”. They sounded now in the Mayak program, and on the first radio program, and in the youth editorial office

The first composition of the ensemble gradually changed. And in the end, the main group of performers stood out, with whom later the most famous songs of "Gems" were recorded. These are Irina Shachneva, Eduard Krolik, Sergey Berezin, Gennady Zharkov, Valentin Dyakonov, Nikolai Rappoport. During 1972, other musicians also tried. The team came Yuri Genbachev, Anatoly Mogilevsky, Yuri Peterson. The songs that made up the “golden fund” of the ensemble owe this popularity to the first cast of Gems: Songs of Gems are the result of collaboration with composers M. Fradkin, S. Tulikov, E. Hank, V. Dobrynin, O. Ivanov, I . Frenkel, 3. Binkin, A. Ekimyan, N. Bogoslovsky, poets P. Leonidov, M. Plyatsky, R. Rozhdestvensky, I. Shaferan, L. Derbenev, M. Ryabinin, S. Ostrovsky, E. Dolmatovsky.

In 1975, at the peak of fame, as a result of the creative crisis, several soloists left the "Gems" and created their own team - VIA Flame, and Yuri Malikov gained a new composition. In twenty days, he managed to form a virtually new ensemble

During this period, “Gems” became a real “Factory of stars” Vladimir Vinokur, Aleksey Glyzin, Vladimir Kuzmin, Alexander Barykin, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Arkady Khoralov, Sergey Belikov, Andrey Sapunov passed through the Gem School. The composition changed rapidly and, having worked for some time in "Gems", the soloists and musicians of the group began a solo career. Until now, many big-stage stars who successfully started as part of Gems have been gratefully recalling this time. But the emergence of new mega-popular groups (Tender May, Mirage, Vostok, etc.) and an ever-changing composition played their part. role. In 1992, Yuri Malikov was forced to suspend the activities of the ensemble.