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Dracula VLAD Love Story

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1 March 2022, Tue. 19:00
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Forget everything you read about in Bram Stoker's novel. There is nothing of the gothic horror story in the musical Dracula Vlad.

The authors of the project created an original story that is not a remake of previous productions.

The events of the first act take place in the Middle Ages in a small Romanian principality; the events of the second - take us to modern London.


The libretto is based on the melodramatic story of Vlad III and his beloved; and instead of the traditional classical musical - a modern music show.

The musical was created according to the original version, the idea of which belongs to Ukrainian producers. This is the first project of this level created in Ukraine over the past 20 years.


The premiere of the musical took place at a fateful time for the country, when the reality for the whole society became too painful. When the need for choice is dictated by the events taking place in the country! And fashionable vices in modern society pass for virtues. Who plays the dark and light strings of our souls? And what should each of us do to make this world better and cleaner?

There are many opinions about the origin of evil, but only a person can answer this question by looking inside his soul. After all, monsters are not born - they become ...

The main code for the main theme is contained in the title of the musical "Dracula Vlad": darkness and light are a ruthless monster and a man with a wounded soul and a loving heart. The two sides of the human soul balance in the balance when the main character is faced with a difficult choice and takes the last step that separates him from the fall. Betrayed by everyone and betrayed his God himself, he remains a crazy lonely wanderer who seeks the soul of his lost beloved among the living on earth. It will take centuries before he can find her ...

Love is the main leitmotif that runs through all the action - strong and passionate! Love that neither time nor distance can destroy ... Love, which turns out to be stronger than death .... Almost all participants in the musical play two roles in the performance.

The scenography for the musical was created on the basis of modern 3D Mapping technologies, which allow changing the time and place of the action in a matter of seconds. High technologies underlying the creation of the stage space design determine the modern sounding of the musical theme and allow to visually demonstrate the idea that formed the basis of the concept.