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15 September 2022, Thu. 20:00
from 16.61 EUR

About event

Vomitory in Odesa! October 6 at the More Music Club in Odesa - the famous Swedish death metal band Vomitory with a powerful concert.

Why go to a concert of Vomitory in Odesa?

  1. One of the founders of Swedish death metal.
  2. Powerful live with anniversary program.
  3. Selected old-school death metal from Sweden.

Swedish death metal band Vomitory with a big concert in Odesa

On October 6, the famous Swedish band Vomitory will appear on the stage of More Music Club! Old-school death metal stars bring a loud concert program to Odessa. An explosion of energy will cover everyone, open your arms!
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VOMITORY on the stage of More Music Club will present a special program for the anniversary of the albums Raped in Their Own Blood and Opus Mortis VII

The messiahs of the selected Swedish Old School Death Metal are going on a tour of major Ukrainian cities. Fortunately, Odesa is among them. For their loyal fans, the pioneers of Swedish death metal have prepared a cool program dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the album Raped in Their Own Blood and the 10th anniversary of the album Opus Mortis VII. So wait for the powerful performance of the main hits of the band!

Vomitory's creative history is 30 years old. During this time, the band released 8 studio albums, experienced a breakup and reunification. Hundreds of concerts took place in different cities around the world. The band was applauded by the audience of the largest festivals in Europe.

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Where to buy tickets to the Vomitory concert in Odesa?

All tickets for the concert of Vomitory in Odesa can be found on the website Ukrticket.com.ua. Order online!