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Chasing two hares

5 March 2021, Fri. 18:30
from 1.38 EUR

About event

On the stage of the Musical Comedy Theater the premiere - "Chasing Two Hares"!

The classic Ukrainian comedy by M. Staritskiy, based on the play by I. Nechui-Levytskiy, is a sitcom on the eternal theme of “a successful marriage”. The groom, as usual, looks "enviable", in fact - a scoundrel and a liar. Brides ..., yes, too - not without a flaw. History, although written over a hundred years ago, is as relevant as ever. The seekers of easy money at the expense of prospective marriage or marriage have not been translated and will not. Ignorance and stupidity continue to hide behind the mask of education. Gossipers continue to gossip, replacing real values with fictional ones. How familiar it all is to modern society!

The Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy already turned to this material in 1955. Then the role of Proni was played by Evgenia Dembskaya, creating a vivid satirical image! Her partner was Emmanuel Liberro. The production by I. Grinshpun was a resounding success with the public.

And now, 65 years later, "Chasing Two Hares" is again in the repertoire of our theater. Wonderful music by V. Ilyin and V. Lukashov with easily recognizable musical quotes, linguistic flavor, humor, bright artistic works - everything you need for theatrical pleasure!