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Golden Calf Premiere

19 February 2022, Sat. 19:00
from 1.73 EUR

About event

“When I see this new life, these shifts, I don’t want to smile, I want to pray” “The Golden Calf” I. Ilf and E. Petrov

Swindler and adventurer Ostap Bender continues to dream of getting rich. This time, in the company of three smaller criminals: Shura Balaganov, the old thief Mikhail Panikovsky and the driver Adam Kozlevich, Ostap begins to hunt even for a whole million rubles of the Soviet "underground millionaire" Alexander Koreiko. He has no doubts about success, because he knows "400 relatively honest ways" to do it. But the adventurers will become happy, whether they will have something to "cut" and share, or possession of the coveted million will help to realize themselves, finally Ostap's lifelong dream will come true - emigration to Rio de Janeiro, you will find out at the play!

The main place where the events will unfold is the city of Chornomorsk, but do not be fooled by the toponym, by and large we are talking about our Odessa with its Primorsky Boulevard and the monument (Duke), which meets everyone!

You will also meet with the residents of Odessa Iekhiel-Leib Fainzilberg (Ilf) and Evgeny Petrovich Kataev (Petrov)! Yes, yes, ironic authors of the text exist on our stage along with their heroes.

And although this story is 90 years old, as long as there are charismatic schemers and people who are ready to be fascinated by them, it will remain recognizable and relevant. Do not miss!

Genre: Adventure in 2 acts

Based on the novel by Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov

Staging author: Alexey Dorichevsky

Stage director: Maxim Golenko

Artist Yulia Zaulichny

Musical arrangement: Vadim Bessarab

Duration - 2 hours. 20 minutes.