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Here we have collected answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Perhaps you will find among them the answer to the question that worries you. In order to make it more convenient for you, we divided the information into thematic blocks.
Booking tickets
How long does it take to buy a reserved ticket and what if I want to cancel my reservation?
In order to redeem a reserved ticket, you have a day (48 hours) from the moment of booking. If during this time you do not redeem your ticket in one of our cash desks, the reservation is canceled automatically, so do not worry about it.
Can my friend or relative buy tickets instead of me?
The ticket can be redeemed by any person who will call the cashier the code of your order.
What if I forgot the order code?
It is for such cases that we ask you before the ticket reservation for an essentially existing email address. On it, we duplicate the code of your order, so you do not forget it. So if you did everything right, just check your email: the code of your order and the link to the address of our cashier will be there.
How can I redeem a ticket?
You can redeem the reserved ticket in one of our cash desks, simply informing the cashier of the order code. A full list of "Ukrtiket" cash registers with addresses and mode of operation can be found on our website in the special section "Cash desks".
Can I buy a ticket at the UkrTiket box office without registering?
Sure you can. Choose from the list of cash desks the most suitable for you, specify the time of its work and come for the ticket. But if the event is popular and you are afraid that the seats may not be enough, it is better to book a ticket in advance.
Do I have to leave my e-mail and phone on your website?
Not necessarily, but very desirable. Of course, we can not force you to do what you do not want to do.
But we very much ask to inform us about your contact details, because we care about making purchases in the UkrTiket system easy, convenient and pleasant for you. If you have any technical questions about your order, our managers should be able to instantly contact you and solve all problems. In addition, by specifying the email address when booking, you will never forget the code of your order: we will remind you of it. We will send you an e-ticket by e-mail. And in case of an order, we need the contact information so that the courier can contact you promptly. In addition, if you specify contact information when purchasing or registering on UkrTicket.com.ua, you can participate in our loyalty programs.
For our part, we guarantee the complete confidentiality of your contact information.
Do your bank details remain on your website when they pay online tickets to them?
No, they do not. Payment of tickets by a credit card you receive on the protected page of the payment system, where your data is completely safe.
Do not I have difficulty with the entrance to the event, if I issue an e-ticket?
Will not arise. On the contrary, this is the most famous way to get to a concert, or, say, football. Electronic tickets are already very widespread practice. This option is chosen by more and more people, because it's enough for a couple of minutes to pay for the ticket and print it on any printer, you can even not leave the house or office. No queues and trips to the ticket offices for heat or frost. The electronic ticket is protected by a unique barcode, which is scanned at the entrance to the event.
In what form will the electronic ticket come to me on the e-mail and will the black and white printer fit to print it?
An e-ticket will be sent to your e-mail address in PDF format. Please note that in order to view it on your computer, you need to have a program for recognizing PDF files, for example, Adobe Reader. A black and white printer for printing an electronic ticket is quite suitable.
What if I lost or accidentally spoiled an e-ticket?
Better, of course, not to lose it, and also to ensure that other people do not have the opportunity to print out your ticket and pass it to the event before you. In case of damage to the ticket, just print it again (you can find it in your e-mail, in the letter from UkrTiket). If you lost the ticket, please contact our technical support service by phone (0482) 30-00-44 or by e-mail: it@ukrticket.com.ua: we will try to help you.
Return tickets
I changed my mind about going to the concert. Can I return a ticket?
Return tickets with a very rare exception is possible only in case of cancellation or transfer of activities.
How do I know if an event has been canceled or rescheduled? And where should I take the ticket?
On the event page on UkrTicket.com.ua we will notify you of its cancellation or postponement if this happens, as well as post detailed information about the place and procedure for refunding tickets.
Quality of Service
The concert was delayed almost an hour. To whom can I make a claim?

UkrTicket » is not the organizer of events, we just sell tickets. Therefore, we can not accept any claims from you regarding the quality of the event: they need to be addressed to the organizers.


I had problems with buying tickets on your website or at UkrTiket's checkout offices. Who can I report?


But you can complain about this to us by writing a letter by e-mail:   info@ukrticket.com.ua  or by using the feedback form on the site. We will be grateful for comments that will make our work better.


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