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Do you want to have additional earnings selling tickets?

If you are a professional sales agent and you simply have a computer, a small office and a connection to the Internet, then you can increase your earnings already tomorrow along with UKRTIKET.
To do this, you need to contact us to discuss the form of cooperation that is convenient for you and the signing of the Treaty.
After that you will become an Authorized Agent of UKRTIKET.
As a result, you will get the following features:
You will receive our consultation for detailed mastering of the work with the system, and then professional access to the system for ticket sales (if you have more than one operator, you will have access to each of them).
You will receive blank forms of our Universal Tickets.
You will also receive our marketing materials, including branded stickers and posters, which will help emphasize your uniqueness as an authorized Ukrtiket Agent.
In a word, this means that within a few days you will be able to sell tickets to the most popular events in Ukraine!

More details about cooperation with us you can find out by reading the following documents:
Standard contract with the Agent (Ukrainian)

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Phone: 048-705-45-44