How to buy ticket

How to buy a ticket?

Buy or book a ticket to any of the events in Odessa with the help of our website is very simple. You will have time to do it even in five minutes. Follow our instructions and you will be all right.

Select the event that interests you.
You can do this on the main page of the site from events in the relevant categories (concerts, performances, festivals, trainings, excursions and exhibitions, etc.) or by using the search (by name and date of the event). Choose an event for the most suitable territory in the section "Venue".
Click the "Buy" button.
A page with a layout of the hall will open, where the places will be marked with different colors depending on the price category. Select the desired place (s) by clicking on it with the mouse. The "Basket" window will appear on the top right. There you will find the place chosen by you, the cost of the ticket and the amount to be paid. If you want to cancel some position in the order, click the cross (X). To delete the entire order at once, you need to press the "Delete All" urn symbol, which is next to the time counter. If the order is correct, click the "Buy" button again. So you go to the "Details of the order" section.
Please enter your contact details in special boxes. This is necessary so that we can easily help you when there are technical issues. Details of the order will be duplicated for you by e-mail, so please specify a valid email address. We guarantee the confidentiality of the entered data data.
Select the delivery method. You can issue an e-ticket, order delivery by courier or book a ticket and then redeem it at one of our cash desks.
How to buy an electronic ticket and what is it? An electronic ticket, or an electronic ticket, is a great way to save time. Choose such a method of delivery, pay for the ticket using our tips. Payment card or via WebMoney and print out your ticket on any printer available to you. With this ticket you can go to the event. It is protected by a unique barcode, which is scanned at the entrance to the event.
How to get a ticket using courier delivery? Choosing this method, an obstacle that in the box with contact information you have the right to access the phone. After entering the time and address of delivery into the special form. You can pay the ticket in cash to the courier upon delivery. Please note that delivery is only within Odessa. The cost of delivery in Odessa is UAH 50 regardless of the number of tickets ordered.
How to book a ticket? From the delivery methods, select "Get a ticket at the checkout". Please keep that you do not forget it. Click the "Book" button. After that you will see the code of your order. It is valid for 48 hours. During this time, you can redeem your ticket to any of our cash desks, calling the cashier the order code. With a full list of cash registers "Ukrtiket" can be found on the link below or in the section "Cashier".
List of cash desks
"Ukrtiket" by phone (048) 705-45-44 or write a letter to e-mail:

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CALL-center and ticket reservation service:

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