Where to buy tickets for the concert?

Internet and special booking sites are designed to make life easier, help each person become more educated, diversify leisure, broaden their horizons. ukrticket is a special automated service where you can reserve a place for any event in the city of Odessa, as well as get acquainted with the schedule and buy tickets to the theater online, for example in:


For the harmonious development of children, cheerful mood and smiles, we offer special holidays, trips to the dolphinarium, to the skating rink, to bowling clubs, all sorts of musical and scientific-cognitive shows. To buy a ticket for a children's play in advance, we recommend using ukrticket Odessa.

What are the features and conditions for buying online tickets?

You can redeem the reserved place within 48 hours. In other situations, if you do not have time to redeem your pass for the event, the reservation is valid only for a day. To buy concert tickets online, just go to ukrticket com ua, then go to the page of the desired performance, choose the cost and place.

Also, a search is in progress at the venue of the presentation and there is the possibility of ordering a return call.

Buy tickets to the theater in Odessa after online booking, you can use a special code that is duplicated to your email address. Anyone who knows the code can pay for the purchase, if there is no way to do it yourself. To comfortably and quickly buy a ticket for the concert,

use the service. The addresses of the cash offices are listed on the site ukrticket ua in the "Cashier" section, here is detailed information on the issue of where to buy tickets for the concert.

If there is no possibility to book a ticket in advance, we recommend calling the ticket office, finding out about availability of seats for the performance and a specific date. Our operator will tell you how and when you can come for a ticket.

All customer data is strictly confidential and stored only in the database of our service. In addition, you can arrange delivery by courier to any address. For this purpose, you must specify a contact phone number. With the help of delivery, you can arrange a dispatch as a surprise gift.

How and where can I buy a ticket for the concert?
Online service Ukrtiket will tell you where you can buy a ticket for a concert, show program, circus performance, where to buy tickets for the performance.

All pass tickets have a special code and security system, so it's not difficult to go to a concert or a performance with an electronic ticket. For those who are interested in a request with the possibility to buy tickets to the theater, the price per person is always indicated on the site, and is the most optimal one offered. The cost of delivery, regardless of the number of orders and distance, in Odessa will be about 50 UAH


Who wants to spend an unforgettable evening with their loved ones, spend pleasant time with family or friends, ticket service will help you buy tickets to the theater, to the dolphinarium for a romantic show, and even for a night skating session in the sports palace. Prompt delivery is no longer a problem, just use the courier service of our company.