30 March 2018
7:40 or walk in Odessa

7:40 or walk in Odessa

Friday, 30 March 2018, 19:00
Friday, 30 March 2018, 21:00
100 - 240 грн

In this performance, we not only tell you for the whole of Odessa, we'll sing for you! In our karaoke-performance there is a lot of music, and all the beloved and well-known. And every spectator can immediately feel himself a participant in the events taking place on the scene.

20 years ago, one Odessa family was simultaneously on both sides of the ocean: my mother (I.Tokarchuk) with her youngest son (A.Samusenko) went to the USA, and the elder (P.Savinov) stayed in Odessa (no, think nothing, he does not Mishiginer - it just was not released!). And now, 20 years later (almost like Dumas), the whole family, which has already grown considerably, is again going to Odessa to give my mother a chance to die here peacefully. But everything is not so simple, and my mother is alive all living (where grandfather Lenin is there!). Especially when your health is seriously engaged in a nice "sportsman, handsome and former Komsomol member" grandfather Dodik (I'm Gopp), and two grandsons - Odessa and American - drag you to discos. And, although Odessa "is not at all the same," it is more pleasant to live here than to die.

In the performance take part, both recognized stars, and young artists of the Odessa theaters.

Director: Elena Pushkina

Cast: Irina Tokarchuk, Yakov Gopp, Alexander Samusenko, Natalya Meshkova, Elena Golovina, Egor Karelsky, Vadim Golovkov, Vladimir Lilitsky.

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17 August 2018
180 - 240 грн