Museum Of Interesting Science

Address: 4E Shevchenka Ave, Odessa, Ukraine

If you want something fun, new, enjoyable, interesting, and most importantly informative, then go straight to the Museum of Interesting Science! Museum of Interesting Science is the first scientific and entertaining interactive museum in the South of Ukraine, where many unique exhibits from the world of science are collected. Each object can be rightfully called magical, and it will certainly surprise you. You will be able to look in a new and interesting way with what you previously thought was boring or difficult to learn. Usually you it is forbidden to touch a valuable exhibit in museums, but here you'll be asked to touch, check, feel and see how miracles are born right in your hands. Both children and adults will be able to conduct interesting and unusual experiments within the walls of the Museum of Interesting Science.

Perfomances on this venue

120 - 160 грн