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Are you the organizer of the event and are interested in a wider distribution of tickets and higher sales?
UKRTIKET company will help you with this!


First, we already have a wide network of our theater cash desks, as well as distributors, our Authorized agents. The network is constantly developing and growing, and immediately upon signing the contract will sell tickets to your events.
Secondly, UKRTIKET will undertake the organizational expenses for the distribution of tickets. Your event will be sold through a modern ticket system both on-line and in specialized cash desks. We accept payment in cash at the box office or by credit cards, by bank transfer and by terminals. The client can pick up the ticket at the ticket office, get it from the courier, mail, or, most attractive - print tickets without leaving the house.
Thirdly, you will be able to manage your sales in real time. UKRTIKET will provide you with access to sales statistics for your events.
Fourthly, UKRTIKET will significantly enhance the advertising of your events:
Place them on our website;
Promulgates them in their cash desks in the form of posters, flyers and videos;
Will take care of the promotional campaign at the expense of UKRTIKET Instagram, Facebook, TelegramTwitter,Youtube, Odessa forum), and also through mailing to its customers.
Fifthly, UKRTIKET can automate your Internet page and, thus, turn it from simply information into a reservation (that is, one that can SELL tickets, and not just accept off-line applications). In other words, we offer the possibility of embedding the sales form on the site of the event organizer.


-One contract
-Maintenance of the ticket table
-An extensive sales network through its network and ticket partner operators
-Unified statistics interface
-Enhanced advertising support
-Control of the entrance to the event

More details about cooperation with us you can find out by reading the following documents:

The complex commercial offer of the company UKRTIKET for Event Organizers
Standard contract with the Event Organizer (Ukrainian)
Standard contract with the Event Organizer (Russian)
List of requisites necessary for contract conclusion
Form 1 (information form about the event)
Ukrtiket logo for advertising products
Ukrtiket logo for placement on promotional items, pdf

Contact Information

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