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Asaf Avidan

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15 September 2022, Thu. 19:00
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The owner of a unique androgynous voice and one of the most popular Israeli artists - Asaf Avidan will come to Ukraine for the first time. On October 16, at the Musical Comedy, the artist will present his seventh disc Anagnorisis. This is a special album, recorded not in pursuit and haste, as is often the case, but in peace and harmony.

Avidan's musical background is a mixture of different cultures and genres. His childhood years passed under the classical rock of the 60s and 70s, he was inspired by the free spirit of Jamaica, and the artist's main revelations were the songs of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Robert Plant. The last two are most often compared to the drawn-out voice of the performer - a unique tenor altino.

A cartoonist by training, Avidan begins writing music because of his personal drama. After parting with his girlfriend, he records his debut EP Now That You're Leaving, gathers The Mojos and becomes insanely popular in Israel. Subsequently, their song Reckoning Song is found by a German DJ and an ardent fan of Avidan Wankelmut, makes a techno remix on it - and Asaf becomes a European star. Having recorded two successful records and even performing on the same stage with the idol Robert Plant, Avidan disbanded The Mojos and began a solo career.

Anagnorisis is his seventh full-length disc, and it is special in every sense. Primarily because Avidan found his peace. He settled in Italy, turning an old farmhouse into a creative workshop and recording studio, and ... began taking lessons from local farmers. As a gardener to olive trees, Avidan decided to give time and freedom to his songs: the opportunity to take root, develop naturally, and not in a hurry.

He looked for inspiration in unexpected music: listening to Thom Yorke, The Fugees, David Bowie, old school jazz, Billie Eilish and Kanye West. Mixing everything he heard into one cocktail, he strove to express the entire spectrum of his feelings in the chaos and plurality of life. It is not surprising that he also recorded dozens of voices on the disc himself.

Aristotle called the term Anagnorisis the moment when a character suddenly collides with his true self and reveals himself in full force. Anagnorisis of Asaph Avidan himself is his seventh plate. And Odessa will hear him live on October 16, 2021.