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Puss in Boots

29 May 2021, Sat. 12:00
from 3.46 EUR

About event

The play "CAT IN BOOTS" in Odessa. We are waiting for you at the Theater of the Young Spectator!

WHY IS IT WORTH TO go to the play "CAT IN BOOTS"?

1. The tale has been published since 1697 and is still interesting.
2. The character will charm you with his wit.
3. This is a great option for spending time with children.


Once upon a time, there was an amazing man who gave us stories about "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella" and "Bluebeard". And his name was Charles Perrault. His works are re-read one generation after another. Perrault is considered a classic of children's literature.

Don't grieve, master, but give me a bag better, and order me a pair of boots so that it won't hurt to walk through the bushes, and you will see that you are not as deprived as you think.

This is how one of the most famous stories in the whole world begins.

Its main character is a special cat who speaks humanly and wears boots. Before your eyes, he will outsmart the Ogre and help his master Jacques and the Princess get married. You will love him without a doubt, because he is an adorable Puss in Boots!

Submission 5+

You can see the happy end of history in Odessa! We are waiting for you at the Theater of the Young Spectator.