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Spectators are not allowed to the performance!

21 February 2021, Sun. 19:00
from 7.61 EUR

About event

The sensational production with an extraordinary plot "Spectators are not allowed to the play" in Odessa - already on October 27 at the Musical Comedy Theater.

Why is it worth going to the comedy "Spectators are not allowed to the play"?

  1. One of the best performances in Ukraine.
  2. The acting is beyond praise.
  3. Plunge into the world of behind-the-scenes intrigue and have a good laugh.

The Musical Comedy Theater invites to "Spectators are not allowed to the performance"

Any theater hides a complex and multifaceted world full of genuine feelings, intrigue and surprises. Spectators are rarely privy to events that unfold parallel to the actions on the stage. For the guests of the Musical Comedy Theater, the director Yuri Odinokiy will slightly open the veil of secrecy.

What do the scenery and backstage hide?

For three hours, the troupe's masterful play will tell the story of passionate and vivid events on the other side of the curtain.

This production received the prestigious award "Kiev Pectoral 2001". Critics highly appreciated the talent of the actors, including: Zolotko Svetlana, Natalia Tsiganenko, Kostishin Konstantin, Alla Maslennikova, Tomusyak Valentin and others.

Where to buy tickets for the comedy "THE SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO THE PERFORMANCE"?

On the website ukrticket.com.ua, tickets should be booked now, because such an event always arouses increased interest among connoisseurs of intellectual humor and the modern scene.