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Spectators are not allowed to the performance!

27 October 2020, Tue. 19:00
from 7.61 EUR

About event

Spectators are not allowed at the show!

The language of the play is Russian

Duration - 3 hours. 20 min with intermission

Genre - Comedy

Premiere - May 25, 2001

Author - Michael Freyn

Directed by Yuri Odinoky

Stage editor - Yuri Odinoky

The artist is Oleg Lunev

Costume designer - Ilona Kuts

Musical decision - Alexander Kudrya, Yuri Odinoky

Plastic solution - Lev Somov

The artist from the world is Tetyana Kyslytska

During any performance behind the scenes there is a performance, which always remains a secret, because the audience is not allowed to this performance! Theatrical life on stage and real life behind the scenes is a "double game". We invite you to look at theater as life and at life as theater.

Theater Award "Kyiv Pectoral-2001" in the nomination "Best Dramatic Performance"

"Best Actress" - Neonila Biletskaya (Miss Clackett).


Miss Clackett, also known as Dottie Otley

Svetlana Zolotko

Roger Trumplimen, aka Harry Jellen

Konstantin Kostishin

Vicki, she's Brooke Ashton

Natalia Tsyganenko

Philip Brent, aka Sheikh, aka Frederick Fellows

Valentin Tomusyak

Flavia Brent, aka Belinda Blair

Alla Maslennikova

The thief, also known as Selzon Mouvrey

Yuriy Lytvyn

Lloyd Dallas, director

Lev Somov

Sergey Kiyashko

Poppy Norton, assistant director

Oksana Arkhangelska

Anastasia Karpenko

Tim Olgudi, stage worker

Sergey Petko