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Vera Polozkova

1 December 2020, Tue. 19:00
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About event

Vera Polozkova in Odessa. On December 1, the famous modern poetess Vera Polozkova will appear on the stage of the Odessa Regional Philharmonic.

Why is it worth going to the Vera Polozkova concert in Odessa?

  1. Uncover the secret of a great author's success.
  2. To share emotions and experiences of every line, every word.
  3. Experience the most sensual evening in December.

The brilliant poetess Vera Polozkova with a concert in Odessa

On December 1, we invite everyone to the Odessa Philharmonic for an amazing creative evening of Vera Polozkova. The event will bring a lot of vivid emotions and impressions to each guest. Come to try to uncover the secret of the success of an amazing girl who in the 21st century was able to raise the genre of poetry into a trend and for several years has been collecting thousands of halls at her concerts

Tickets are already available for order.

From the stage of the Odessa Philharmonic, Vera Polozkova will read your favorite poems and present the works of the new collection "High Resolution"

Vera Polozkova does not hide her sincere love for Odessa, simply and succinctly describing her relationship with the hospitable city: “Oh, I'm at home. I do belong here. "
During the quarantine pause, the poetess has accumulated so many thoughts, so many important things that must be shared with you. Therefore, be ready, while enjoying the peace of mind, to open handfuls and fill them with huge portions of warm energy. This December concert will be one of the highlights of your winter.

Many of your favorite works will sound to the magic accompaniment of music, as well as Vera Introduces everyone to new poetry from the collection "High Resolution" published this year. It contains 7 poems and the whole of Vera Polozkova.
Join us!

Where to buy tickets for the Vera Polozkova concert in Odessa?

To issue electronic tickets for the Vera Polozkova concert at the Odessa Philharmonic, go to Ukrticket.com.ua. Here is a complete poster of events in Odessa.